Phillip (Nobby) Roebuck

IMG_20130515_0002Phillip (Nobby) earlier daysBrother phillip(nobby) earlier days

My older Brother a dedicated motor cycle engineer. his world was motor cycles and im proud to say i was sucsuessful in giving him his success in what he devoted his life to. Brother Rob hinton called him the "brain surgeon" he looked after both my 250cc and 350cc GP bikes with attention to detail and provided me with the fastest and reliable privately owned bikes in Austrailia in keeping me competive against the best riders in the country.


Phillip was often in touch with Prof Gordon Blair of the Bellfast University, in his research into two stroke expansion chambers, constantly striving to improve the performance of my bikes, he operated his own motor cycle business in Goulburn NSW untill his sudden death in 2007.



3 thoughts on “Phillip (Nobby) Roebuck

  1. Nobby could make his own expansion chambers, make his own carby jets, if he didn’t have a part he just made it.
    A true craftsman with a race bike and great Mate to go with it. I’ll never forget you Nob, Quil

  2. Did all my bike as a kid my old man rod loury knew knobby I love that shop always gave me dg stickers for my kx 80 and cr 125 I got off Robby lambert old man frog

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