Castrol Six Hour Race

Castrol Six Hour Race

1975. I asked Jeff Parkin to Co-ride this race as he could put in the same times as I, and do it every lap without getting into too much trouble. We were odds on favourite to win the 250cc Class. We put in a lot of race hours and preparation for this big event being determined to take it out, and take it out we did. Because this event was really the biggest motor cycle event of the year with good TV coverage, it was also the most controversial, by way of protests, innuendos and cheating. We also became a victim of a protest at the end of the race - it so happens when someone can’t win a race on the track they try the court system, which tends to work for some.

We were awarded the race win, and wasted 12 months getting reinstated into 2nd position. How you work that out is way beyond me.

The protest lodged by the 2nd place team, claimed we had a non-standard fuel tank and steering damper. Evidence supporting our claim was provided by Yamaha Motor Co. Japan, confirming the bike was standard.

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