Alan Hayles

Alan and myself had numerous neck to neck encounters on 250cc production bikes. He was my main competition after Jeffery Sale in that class for a few years until I eventually made the move to bigger bikes. Again another great guy, very professional in his approach to his racing .

One thought on “Alan Hayles

  1. When I met Alan I was getting my first bike worked on by his mentor, the late Stan Coleman (another person worthy of inclusion on your site). That day Stan was explaining about port chamfering as he worked on an engine, and discussed my bike. Meanwhile Alan was quietly sitting on the other side of Stan’s backyard, carefully implementing the next level of performance tuning on his Suzuki 250 race bike.

    Stan was observing that day that they now had two 250 Suzuki race bikes, and the idea was to slowly walk them up the performance/reliability trade-off. Easing one up a bit, then getting the other to go that bit faster still. It was not that much later that Stan was killed on his Suzuki 500 Titan. They made a wonderful team, and I miss them both.

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