Carl Hammersley

Carl Hammersley

A great guy and another gentleman, from Adelaide, but a demon on a 350cc GP bike GP bike, I met up with Carl a few times at different race meetings and had the occasional night out on the town, he was a fun guy and like a good time, I often use to think he was so fast because he couldn't see the breaking markers ( he wore very thick glasses) Carl's.


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  1. A memory came to mind and i thought i would look up an old friend who came out from the UK on the same ship as my family in 66, Carl and his family moved onto the Glenelg hostel as we did, they settled Further south to just behind the Mitsubishi factory while we moved to Grange, but long before we both had licences we continued our friendship hanging around places like Mallala, Carl was a family man , had a great love and respect for his Father Mother and Brother, sadly his Brother was also killed in a vehicle accident which put tremendouse strain on his parents who sadly split up.Carl was the kind of person you would happily call a friend, always on the go, never big headed about his achievments and fun to be with. Sadly Missed.

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