Andrew McFarlane




Andrew McFarlane (Sharky) became a World Class  Moto Cross rider, he did his apprenticeship in junior grades at an early age, with the inspiration of his parents owning and operating a Kawasaki Dealership in Capalaba Queensland  and rose to international stardom by competing against the best riders in the country.He was involved in a freak race accident which took his life and shocked the Motor Cycle World.His funeral was delayed waiting for USA Motor Cross champions like Chad Reed and many others to arrive and pay their last respects, Sharky you will be sadly missed but "Will never be forgotten"


Donny Pask

I have had the pleasure of knowing Donny for many years. He was always helpful and providing me with spare parts and accessories for my motorcycle business when required. I found him a great character and a wonderful person in dealing with during my time in business. We often crossed paths and had a drink and conversation. He will be missed by many.


Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood

1977 Castrol Six Hour Race Amaroo Park saw 9 times world Champion Mike Hailwood ride the Moreparts 750cc  Ducati  SS with co rider Jim Scaysbrook tro 6th outright and 3rd in the 750cc class. I was riding the Frasers Motor Cycles 900 SS Ducati with Graeme McGreggor, with Ian Gowanloch working on the bike, during a testing break I met Mike (The Bike) and broke into a deep conversatiion nearly 45 min had passed being a very hot day Mike handed me his "team Martini Hailwood" hat saying "u need this ur burning " iI still have  that hat today.I was soon  called to do more testing, I could have listened to him for days, I have never met anyone so interesting and so down to earth one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my entire life, I was extremely saddened to hear of his death in 1981.



Warren Weldon



Warren owned and operated a successful auto engineering business for many years in the southern suburbs of Sydney, he was  also a member of St George Motor Cycle Club campaigning a very competitive and highly modified YZ125cc Yamaha  in the road racing series, being in the same club and both competing in the same class we became quite friendly, he lived for his racing both motor cycles and cars and  achieved success in both, Warren also had the occasional ride in long distance production races such as the Castrol Six Hour race with moderate success he passed away in 2012, Motor Cycling lost another true gentleman and talented rider/driver.



Greg Pretty

I can't remember a race meeting I competed at where Greg was present, that we didn't have a decent conversation of some kind, he was a great friendly guy a real gentleman off the track, vastly different grasping a pair of handlebars tho, he was a bit like Geckle and Hyde always rode on the absolute limit and never gave a inch, that little guy wore his heart on his sleeve, we had some great runs together, which I will remember always.

Greg had many Podium wins in State and National road race titles and many long distance production races, like the Castrol Six Hour, Adelaide 3 Hour, Calder 2 Hour, Wanneroo 4 Hour, Bathurst Arai  & Coca Cola 8 Hour races. Motor Cycling lost a true Champion and real nice guy in 2010. Vale Greg

Ian Williams

 From Canberra ACT, Ian was one of Australia's top short circuit rides for many years, winning numerous titles on 125cc, 250cc and 500cc Hagon machines, we shared the same engineer Wayne Bryant also of Canberra  who was responsible for me winning the 1977 125cc Australian Road Racing Championships and Ian, the 1977 125cc  Australian Short Circuit Championships and many others.

I watched Ian grow from a very young age, he was always going to be a future champion simply by his dedication and determination to succeed in being the best  motor cycle rider his father Taffy Williams was behind him all the way. Ian tragically passed away in 1993 aged 33 .


Elmer McCabe

I met Elmer many years ago through an older friend of mine, I occasionally ran into him at race meetings in my early days of racing,  Elmer was a dedicated motor cycle rider he loved the sport and the people involved, Motor Cycling lost another nice guy and a gentleman in August 2012.

Ross Barelli


I only met Ross twice during his career, he was a pleasant approachable guy, I remember having a brief conversation with him only hours prior to his fatal crash at Bathurst in 1976 we were assembling ready to go out on the track for training when we were delayed because of the crash during the previous session, then the news broke. The incident put a shadow on the whole weekend.

Neville Hiscock

One of New Zealand's top riders, Neville often Competed with podium honours in many top Australian unlimited solo and long distances production events like Bathurst Arai, Castrol 6 Hour Race, Adelaide 3 Hour Race, Calder 2 Hour Race and many more, always with top honours, he was tragically killed in a racing accident in South Africa 1983.


Neville hiscok