Terry McDonald

In the early 70's I had opened my motor cycle business in Goulbun and was busy with weekend local promotions of grass tracking motor cross, flat track and tials and competing in flat track events all over the state, I had little competition in Goulburn so i would often go over to canberra and compete in their club events, thats how I met Terry & his brothers Nick and Greg, Doug & Wayne Bryant, Ian & Taffy Williams, and Kevin Patton, Terry achieved in 4 short years of his racing career more than most riders in their entire lifetime, he was a friend mentor and inspiration to me, he had a big impact on my career. His death in 1970 while competing in the world 500cc championships at Corfu Greece, was a major loss to the sport and anyone who knew him...

2 thoughts on “Terry McDonald

  1. i remember terry at dougs motorcycles he serviced my hodaka just before it was announced by blairy at the sportys club meeting that tmac was killed in greece racing …

  2. Hi. I am currently in Corfu and looking for the spot where Terry had the accident. Could anyone provide me with a street name or the corner where it happened?
    Thank you

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