1978 Round 2 Australian Road Race Championships Oran Park

1978 Round 2 Australian Road Race Championships Oran Park

1978. ARRC 350cc class. Aboard my new Nicco Bakker framed TZ350F I was fastest during official practice. I was expecting a very hard race from Roger Hayes, Graeme Geddes and Graeme Crosby, who was riding Warren Willing’s bike, and that’s exactly what it was. Boulden & Ogilvie won the start; McGregor came past, then high-sided at Suttons corner diving the field. Lap 2 it was Ogilvie, Roebuck, Geddes, Boulden and Crosby, then Crosby came past into the lead. Roger I were locked together in a fierce battle continually swapping places. On the last lap with Roger in front I came down the inside of him at the end of the straight under brakes, bumping shoulders and fairings on my way through to 2nd which I held to the finish. Results were Crosby, Roebuck, Heyes, Geddes, Ogilvie, Boulden, Phillis, Johnson, Coleman, Gardner.

The 250cc class  saw Phil Mellis and Ron Boulden  in the lead from Steve Trinder, Rick Perry, Lee Roebuck, Phil Mellis and Ron Boulden. Lap 2 Perry got through to the lead then Trinder and Pace, Boulden, Roebuck, McKay then Sale. By lap 5 Roebuck had fought through passing Pace and Trinder into 2nd behind Perry. Results were Perry, Roebuck, Pace Sale, Trinder, Mellis, Boulden, Walker, Willing.

The 125cc Class. My new 125cc R was delivered to Oran Park still in the crate, so we had some work ahead to prepare it for the race. My mechanic Wayne Bryant put in the hours in setting it up before the first test session. I had my work cut out jumping from my 350 to 250 to 125 bikes. Barry Smith, Dave Burgess, Tony Hatton and Clive Knight were the men to beat in this class. The start saw Warren Weldon out front. Smith took the lead by lap 3, Burgess and Roebuck locked in a wheel to wheel battle for second. By lap 4 Roebuck had caught Smith and was locked into a battle with Smith winning by the smallest of margins from Roebuck.

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  1. Just read your review on 78 championships which i found interesting as you mention ron boulden and i own the ‘d’ model tz..although its stil in the Karl Praml colours as wayne clarke and others raced it..this bike became Wayne gardners first tz..although gardner never raced it it was his ‘ test mule’ before he raced the 350 d model for karl praml.thougt you may be interested..im hoping to take it to the island clasdic this year

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