Early Dirt Riding Days

I had many highlites in my early dirt riding days, but my most memorable and fondest one was winning the The Terry McDonald Memorial race at Mt Ginn Canberra  in 1972 on Terry's  Hagon/Bultaco, I remember vividly i had not finish a race that day, my bike would stop after about 2 laps into the race, but when pushed back to the pits it would start again

It was very frustrating because "nobby"  couldn't find anything wrong, this was the 3rd race that day that this problem had occured, with the main race getting closer, "nobby" was frantically pulling things apart to check, like ignition coils, CDI  box,  all sorts of things went through my mind, now with the race being called and everyone going to the start line, "nobby" in desperation decided to drain the fuel to try fresh fue,l  when he discovered a small ball of tin foil in the fuel tank, which would shut off the fuel supply, he frantically removed it topped up the tank and I raced to the line, if nothing else that day I so desperately wanted to win that race, I gated in 2nd gear and was first out,I kept saying to myself don't look back they are right there, lap after lap, then heading for the finish line I looked back, I had a clear lead from Kevin Fraser and Doug Penrose,Ii was so pumped, I think I could have out rode anyone that day, I was estatic knowing I had won the very race I wanted,and having Terry's mum present the trophy was the icing on the cake.

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