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  1. I apologise for the long story but I believe you race Pantahs for Frasers in the 1980’s. I recently acquired a 1981 Pantah from my fiend’s estate, who had this bike from not quite new, as Frasers in Sydney wanted to race it in 500 production races in 1982 (?). Peter had ordered it, when he went to pick it up Frasers offered a 750 to him on loan while they race the Pantah. When the finished racing they swapped back the bikes (he had only paid a deposit and then was not made to pay anymore). It was special ordered (?) Black, red/blue stripes,
    The racing legacy is shown on it by, 750F1 type clipons, velocity stacks, 2-1 exhausts,13/36 sprockets, Black Marzocchi rear shocks, hard as a rock Paioli front forks and 650TL tail light/blinker assembly (I assume to make it roadworthy again). Have not taken it too far apart so don’t know what Camms or Jets it has. Peter told me when he picked it up, it went like a scalded cat.
    I am trying to put the history of the bike together and was wondering if might have a imformation on the Frasers race Pantahs from back then. Thanks for any help you might provide.

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